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How can we know other Sonhaus Owners will be considerate?

What does the typical Sonhaus Home look like?

In your experience, on average, how long does it take to vet and secure eight buyers for a Sonhaus home?

Do prospect buyers have to pay a deposit to secure their share(s)? If yes, what happens to the deposit if no one else is interested in buying the other fractions of the property? How long do I have to wait until the deposit is released back to me if no one else buys?

What’s the average return on investment and how long will it take for it to happen?


We will need a mortgage. Do we have to get that through Sonhaus?

How much do we have to pay for maintenance?

What is the annual management fee that is charged per owner?


How many dates am I eligible for?

What if someone else wants the same dates?

How far in advance can I book?

Can I book last minute?

During our stay

How do we organise transportation once we are at our Sonhaus Home?

Is the storage area secure and will our belongings be insured when in storage?

What equipment can we expect to find in our home gym?

Selling, Renting and Swapping

Am I able to sell my Sonhaus Home?

Can I rent or lend out my Sonhaus Home?

Is there an option to swap my Sonhaus property?

What happens to the shares if one owner dies? Does it depend on country-specific laws?


Do I own my Sonhaus Home?

Does each Sonhaus Owner have an equal share of the home?

What happens if a Sonhaus Owner doesn’t look after the house properly?

Are you planning to implement a ‘members’ club style’ service for house swapping? If yes, how will it operate?

What relationship will the co-owners have with each other? Does Sonhaus make a formal introduction or provide a platform for them to communicate? Would that happen organically via the Sonhaus Stay App?

About Sonhaus

Can you clarify the difference between Sonhaus’ fractional ownership scheme and timeshare? What is the difference between Sonhaus and other existing ways to jointly buy and own property (i.e., tenants in common)?

What happens to my share of the property if Sonhaus files for administration or is forced to close or is liquidated?

Who are Sonhaus’ financial backers?