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Gaggenau – Supplying Professional Grade Kitchens in all Sonhaus homes

Sonhaus offers a world of new possibilities with homes designed to elevate lifestyle and connection. By partnering with the world’s most exceptional brands, we provide amenities that enhance owners’ experience. We are pleased that Sonhaus kitchens will now be exclusively outfitted with Gaggenau, a brand synonymous with luxury.

Gaggenau is a heritage brand like no other, thanks to its unique and long history. Originally founded as an ironworks in 1683, time can only build such savoir-faire, exposing a vision that has evolved and revealed itself over centuries.

Today, Gaggenau revolutionises the domestic kitchen by introducing internationally acclaimed products and innovations that embody the brand’s “Made in Germany” values of quality, technology, attention to detail, design, noble materials, and sustainability.

Sonhaus recognises that both our lives and our homes are constantly evolving. Today’s owners crave beautiful and functional spaces that work for a myriad of daily needs. The kitchen is where family and friends can connect over the preparation and enjoyment of cuisine.

If the kitchen is the heart of our modern home, then Gaggenau is the soul of the kitchen.

Gaggenau’s pure design aesthetic blends professional-grade innovation seamlessly into the context of the interior design scheme. While their products are undoubtedly stand-alone statements, their unique beauty never distracts the eye from the surrounding environment.

The brand’s approach to the private kitchen mimics the principles used in professional kitchens. The equipment, much like ingredients, must be of the highest quality and add something to the final dish. As a pioneer of exclusive culinary culture, Gaggenau maintains a constant exchange with internationally acclaimed and rising chefs and sommeliers during the development of new products. The brand has been known to be a favourite home appliance among Michelin Starred Chefs, but also allows for cooking precision and perfection no matter your expertise.

A key feature driving our partnership with Gaggenau is the brand’s passion for longevity. In the brand’s DNA is an authentic promise to make it last – part of their arsenal of sustainable manufacturing practices. Each product is conceived, designed, and engineered, not just to the highest standards but to the Gaggenau standard of excellence.

Whether you are an experienced chef, or are making informal meals for your friends and family, we are confident that the Gaggenau appliances, coupled with the overall design of your kitchen will ensure you enjoy every moment spent in the heart of your Sonhaus home.




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