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SONHAUS STYLE by RH Contract (Restoration Hardware)

A Sonhaus home is a home that exudes sophistication, luxury, good taste and an overwhelming sense of tranquility. This elegance is brought to life by the skill and vision with interior design from RH Contract (Restoration Hardware), who have been instrumental in developing the imitable Sonhaus Style.

Aligned by a shared belief that less is more and that calm can be created through continuity, each Sonhaus home reflects luxurious style, cutting-edge architecture and sustainability goals that are reflected in the design choices. With Interior Design by RH Contract, these designs are conceived to create timeless environments, perfectly reflecting the way that Sonhaus homeowners wish to live both indoors and out.

Key style pieces, luxurious materials and a classic colour palette help bring a refined aesthetic to every Sonhaus home. While separate rooms are designed individually, they also fit effortlessly into a holistic vision for the entire home, giving it a cohesive look and feel, which flows through every room and even into the outdoor entertainment areas.

Using iconic, upscale design elements that the brand is renowned for, all of the furniture found in Sonhaus homes is chosen from RH’s signature collections including RH Modern – the largest curated and fully integrated assortment of modern furnishings, lighting, textiles and décor under one brand in the world.

With houses based in some of the most desirable locations across Europe, Sonhaus provides the ideal backdrop to showcase this modern-yet-timeless aesthetic to a new European audience.  With RH’s design, the Sonhaus ownership experience is elevated to a new level, it is no longer just a home, it becomes a Sonhaus home. The overall aim is to create an all-encompassing sense of peace within the home, where the stresses and strains of hectic everyday life are left far behind.

Commenting on the collaboration, Jacob Lyons, founder of Sonhaus says, “When we were looking to develop our Sonhaus Style, our thoughts immediately turned to RH and its celebrated design aesthetic.  We are confident that our elevated design and luxury product selection from RH Contract will widely appeal to our Sonhaus homeowners, who are looking for a calm, relaxed and stylish home away from home.”


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